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Exhibition Description

Collaborative team “Jeju Island” and Flux Factory are excited to announce an open call for the exhibition "Survival Tools for the Age of Ultra Anxiety."

This exhibition takes as its premise the state of ultra-anxiety our culture is functioning within due to the pandemic and worldwide social and economic upheaval. It questions whether our endlessly competitive society, which rewards selfish behavior over altruism, has given us the tools needed to survive or whether artists are needed to lead us away from the brink of extinction.

This group exhibition proposes physical, emotional and psychological survival through the adoption of tactics, methods and tools central to artistic creation but commonly marginalized by societies focused on expediency and short -term financial profit. Through tactics, gadgets, gizmos, interactive machinery, and video narratives a course forward will be explored that values and utilizes unfettered imagination, rampant invention, irrational systems, dream logic, humor and the impossible. This exhibition depends upon and makes the case for a world built on the notion that things are not fixed in their identities but are mutable and can be changed into other things.

We invite artists to submit their work in any medium in 2-D, 3-D, time-based, web-based, performance, etc.

Submission Guidelines

Single-channel videos and short films should not be longer than 5 mins in duration (No duration limit for time-based media installations)

Proposed work should be available for the duration of the exhibition, delivered to the gallery by the designated date, ready for installation. Artists are responsible for the transportation of works to and from the gallery.

During the run of the show, we are planning artists’ talks, interviews and workshops (virtual or in-person).


The exhibition will take place in November and December of this year (4 weeks)

The Open Call closes on Monday, August 2nd at the end of the day

We will let artists Know by the end of August

About Jeju Island

“Jeju island” is an artistic collaborative team composed of Kyung-Jin Kim, Eunsun Choi and Yeon Jin Kim, all immigrants from South Korea living and working in New York City. Through our practice, we exorcize universal fears and anxieties through humor, imagination and invention.

Our work takes many forms but focuses on the effort to negotiate everyday reality and to fit into our adopted American culture. These efforts range from hopeless but earnest, to innocent and humorous, sometimes arriving at the poignantly affecting.

Kyung-jin Kim utilizes interactive sound installations to explore the substance of liminality inherent to dislocation, translation and adjustment.

Throughout humorous inventions and contraptions, Eunsun Choi’s work takes many forms but invariably comprises efforts to negotiate reality and her adopted American culture. Various anxieties and traumas are confronted and dealt with inventively and humorously.

Yeon Jin Kim enlists and adapts folk and craft traditions historically demeaned by male-dominant art education in a totalitarian society, to reveal and overturn repressive systems as well as video narratives. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.