Ends on March 4, 2019

Flux Factory in Residence at ARoS Public
#fluxataros 2019

*** Please note this opportunity is only available to current and previous Flux Factory Artist's-in-Residence ***

Deadline, Monday, March 4th, 11:59pm

Flux Factory is thrilled to be invited back by The ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, to act as artist-collective-in-residence for August and September of 2019. Flux will once again form a pop-up iteration of its NYC-based Artist-in-Residency program within the ARoS Public Atelier, the museum’s open studio workspace. In this cross-disciplinary co-working environment, Fluxers will individually and collectively create new artworks accessible to the public during all museum hours and produce special events, exhibitions and educational workshops.

In 2019 #fluxataros will build on the groundwork laid in 2018 by deepening established partnerships with other Danish cultural institutions, such as Godsbanen, Opgang2, Andromeda, Institute for X, the Genderhouse Festival, Bora Bora, Sigrids Stue, AaBKC, Gastro Vino, Spanien 19C, and hopefully make many more.

To take a look at some of the fun Fluxers had in 2018, check out the hashtag #fluxataros on Instagram, or the Flux at ARoS website.

Apply for funding to participate by Monday March 4th, 11:59pm!!!

We currently estimate Flux can provide $6k toward plane flights and 10-15 beds. We estimate individuals will receive travel stipends between $150-$700, and that each bed will be fully subsidized. We are currently fundraising, so our overall budget is not set in stone. Flux will be able to provide small budgets for project materials and event refreshments, but those funds will be decided at a later point through group planning meetings.

Funding Eligibility: 

All Artists-in-Residence and core long-term Fluxers at Flux iii (29th street) are eligible to apply for travel stipends and/or a subsidized bed.

All are welcome to work with us at ARoS regardless of whether we’re able to provide you with travel and housing funding - if you’re providing your own travel and housing, you do not need to apply...but please RSVP so we can keep you in the loop!

Responsibilities of funded participants:

  • Attend regular planning meetings in person or by Skype chat starting in April
  • Participate substantially in collective production of projects and events in Aarhus while present during the Project.

Criteria for Funding:

For the sake of fairness, a panel of non-Fluxers will discuss proposals and select funding levels, with the (non-voting) contextual and technical assistance of a Flux staffer. 

The panel will be asked to weigh these criteria:

  • Quality of project proposal and artistic practice: we will try to build a well-rounded team with diverse backgrounds and creative practices. A specific project proposal is great, but well-framed enthusiasm to collaborate with others in open-ended ways is also great, as is enthusiasm to play a leadership role in wrangling this wild project!
  • Statement of financial need: Priority will be given to those in financial need, and we will also try to spread the love around by prioritizing those who did not receive large subsidies last year.
  • Availability: A limited amount of longer-term core participants will be prioritized for travel subsidies and housing. Many housing spots will be Tetris’ed in based on who is available when. Shorter-term participants in ARoS will likely receive smaller travel stipends.

To apply for travel funding, and secure accommodation, please fill out the below application form.

Questions?  Email Maya@fluxfactory.org

Deadline, Monday, March 4th, 11:59pm

FLUX FACTORY is thrilled to announce TALK BACK, Flux Factory’s first open call and exhibition specifically for artists and organizers with disabilities.

TALK BACK seeks to center the lives and leadership of disabled artists and asserts that deep-rooted cultural changes must be made within the art world to become more inclusive and accessible. TALK BACK believes that disability must be included in conversations about diversity. One part of affecting change in the art world is by placing disabled artists in positions of influence within the arts to influence change from within.

TALK BACK focuses on how contemporary artists with disabilities are presenting their work and invites disabled artists to submit work that dismantles systems of ableism, either overtly or quietly. How do we examine, interrogate, and resist ableist and classists systems inside the art world? How can we employ the art world to examine social and cultural systems that surround disability outside the art world?

TALK BACK imagines a reality yet to exist, shifts able-normativity assumptions that every body is able-bodied, illuminates non-binary futures from able to disabled and debunks disability and “heroism”. TALK BACK envisions and celebrates joy, radical care, sovereign bodies, community building, non-verbal and alternative forms of communication. TALK BACK disrupts through quiet protest, individual, overt and mass protest that includes multiple ways of showing up. TALK BACK works within and against capitalistism, classism and medical ableism to redefine value, productivity and worth. TALK BACK makes room for criticism, restoration liberation, coming out, ownership of one’s mind and body, access demands, intersectionality and utopias to offer multiple entry points to TALK BACK.

TALK BACK invites proposals for workshops, performances, gatherings, walks, spoken word, screenings, visual arts, video, sound works, DIY, panels, grassroots, poetry, books, installations, zines, artist talks, performance lectures, discussions, events, collaborations with your caregiver, allies, advocates, support and service animals. Please know that TALK BACK is an an open call for artists and organizers with disabilities.

DEADLINE: Monday, March 18th, 2019

Important TALK BACK dates to note:
Open Call Closes: March 18
Installation Dates: May 6th – 8th
Opening Date: Thursday May 9th  
Closing Date: June 2nd  
Deinstallation Date: June 3rd and 4th

Participants will receive a small honorarium for their work and limited access to Materials for the Arts.

Flux Factory gallery and ground floor bathroom is ADA Accessible. The closest subway stations with street level elevators is Queens Plaza (E, M, R trains), and 21st Street Queensbridge (F Train). MTA Elevator and Escalator Status

Please feel free to contact curators Lexy Ho-Tai or moira williams at access@fluxfactory.org for further assistance concerning our TALK BACK Open Call and if you have accessibility questions or concerns. Thank you!

TALK BACK is made possible through in-kind support from Materials for the Arts and funding from the NYC Cultural Affairs Disability Forward Fund.

Flux Factory