After 3.5 years of working at Flux Factory, our wonderful staffer Rhonda Lowry is leaving the city for new and exciting adventures. While we're saddened to lose a dear friend and key community member, we're excited to welcome and grow with a new Development and Finance Manager.

About Flux Factory

Flux Factory is one of NYC’s longest standing and most storied collective art spaces, founded in Williamsburg in 1994 and residing since 2002 in Long Island City, Queens. We support a welcoming community of international cultural producers. With 16 studios, several shared workspaces, and a gallery, Flux Factory provides affordable rent for 50 annual Artists-in-Residence who produce approximately 50 distinct public events annually. Flux is unique among Artist-in-Residencies for our community-driven approach and idiosyncratic spirit. Flux prolifically produces both group and solo exhibitions in our gallery space; all our public events are free, while artists are always compensated for their work. Flux produces group projects abroad, notably including an annual group residency at Denmark's ARoS Museum. This is a dynamic time of growth and transition at Flux, as we're well underway in a capital campaign to achieve permanent sustainability.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Hours - Flux is open to part-time OR full-time employees, 3-5 days/week. We will consider candidates who are new to the field and eager to dive in full-time, as well as candidates who are more experienced but juggling multiple clients.
  • Compensation - $30k-$40k per year, based on experience and availability. F/T employees are eligible for health benefits.
  • Deadline - Submit the below form by Sunday, January 26.


  • Fundraising Events - You will play the lead role to organize 2 annual benefits including a Winter silent art auction and a Summer banquet. You will solicit in-kind contributions and sponsors, generate marketing materials, spearhead logistics and volunteers. This work is performed in close collaboration with all Flux staffers and Board members.
  • Grants - You will write, report and generally administer operating grants. Our portfolio includes both government and private foundations. This work is performed in close collaboration with the Executive Director and Board. In addition to sustaining ongoing funders, researching and strategizing around new grant sources is a key responsibility.
  • Individual Gifts - You will work with Flux's staff and Board to cultivate Flux's donors and "Friends of Flux". You will work with Flux interns to manage Flux's donor database.


  • Oversee program finances - Lead the collection of rental payments for Flux’s Artist-in-Residency, and oversee curators’ budgets for public events. This work is done in close collaboration with Flux’s Managing Director as well as curators, artists-in-residence and exhibiting artists.
  • Managing Quickbooks - entering receipts, generating reports, delegating bookkeeping to interns and analyzing progress with the Executive Director.


Flux is a small team that does an incredible amount with limited resources. While we conscientious of each others’ boundaries, we frequently share responsibilities and opportunities in the spirit of cooperation and constant improvement. The job can sometimes be overwhelming, but never dull.

As a collective with a long tradition of artist leadership and an expansive, tight-knit community, Flux Factory is a highly social environment with tons of opportunities to connect with amazingly talented and creative minds. As a key member of the Flux community, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate in Flux programs alongside Artists-in-Residence. Notably, this includes the opportunity to travel to help steer Flux international projects, as well as to co-curate group exhibitions.

The Ideal Applicant

Flux hires inspired people since each of us is more than a list of bullet points. We are willing to teach technical skills to the right person who demonstrates enthusiasm, writing skills, attention to detail and passion for art and community. Your cover-letter is a great place to show how your skills and interests are relevant to this specific position, especially if you’re new to the field.

That said, skills and experience matter a lot. The ideal candidate will have experience in some professional capacity with all of the above responsibilities, in a Development or other leadership capacity within a contemporary arts nonprofit. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong engagement with contemporary culture as well as the capacity to manage multiple projects, priorities, and deadlines.

Given Flux’s vibrant community, you should feel comfortable working as a professional manager in an informal internal environment that depends on the close cooperation of staff and an entire community of artists. Navigating this tight-knit community requires empathy, humor and flexibility.


Flux Factory aims to create a hub for conversation and practice-sharing that is aware and responsive to systemic inequities and invests in the meaningful inclusion of historically marginalized groups and voices. Flux Factory is committed to and values diversity in its organization and programming as defined by gender, race, ethnicity, disability-status, age, sexual orientation, immigrant status, and socio-economic status. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. International candidates welcome, although Flux's capacity to assist on VISA logistics may be limited.


Email - note that while Flux is happy to answer specific questions about applications, for the sake of fairness Flux will not comment on your candidacy or initiate any interviews via email.

Deadline: Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Flux Factory is a 25 year old non-­profit arts organization, artist collective and international residency program located in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, one subway stop away from Manhattan. Flux Factory is committed to building a sustainable community for diverse cultural producers, including visual artists, builders, curators, community organizers, chefs, activists, musicians, writers, Researchers . . . 

We’re looking for cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for 3 to 9 month residencies.

Flux Factory cultivates a spirit of openness and generosity through a unique collaborative and participatory approach to realizing its residency and public programs. Fluxers benefit from an immersive and prolific environment that encourages experimentation and peer to peer resource sharing. Residents work together to shape and realize Flux’s expansive programming, proposing and leading exhibitions and educational events. Flux Factory nurtures individual practices by offering professional development opportunities, including one-on-one studio visits, group field trips, and monthly salons.

Our labyrinthine building includes 16 studios, a gallery, silkscreen studio, wood-shop, co-working office, communal kitchen, library, and rooftop garden. 

Please see the Residency page for more information and photos.

There is a monthly cost involved in participating in the Flux Factory Residency program, depending on the studio that you are assigned. Each resident is responsible for their own funding, though Flux Factory will write letters of invitation for grants and other funding opportunities, and share opportunities for additional resources if available. Flux Factory provides a stipend to each Resident for their public presentation, or to research or produce new work. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Flux Factory es una organización artística de fines sin lucro, se trata de una comunidad de artistas y residencias ubicado en Nueva York. Estamos comprometidos a construir una comunidad sostenible para los productores culturales, incluyendo a artistas, constructores, organizadores del comunidad, chefs, activistas, curadores, músicos, escritores . . . 

Buscamos productores culturales de todo tipo para integrarse a la comunidad de Flux para residencias de 3 - 9 meses.

Flux Factory cultiva a un espíritu de generosidad a partir de la colaboración y participación enfocada a la realización de residencias y programas públicos. Los Fluxers se benefician del inmerso y prolífico ambiente que alienta la experimentación y comparte recursos entre todos. Los residentes trabajan en conjunto para formar y realizar la expansiva programación de Flux; son los promotores de exposiciones y eventos educacionales. Flux Factory educa de forma individual y práctica ofreciendo oportunidades de desarrollo profesional, incluyendo visitas de estudio uno-a-uno, grupos de viajes, y eventos artísticos cada mes.

Nuestro edificio cuenta con 16 estudios, una galería, estudio de pantalla de seda, una carpintería, co-funcionamento de la oficina, cocina comunal, una librería, y una terraza. Revisa la página de la residencia para más información y fotos.

Cada residente es responsable de sus propios fondos, Flux Factory les puede ayudar con este proceso.

Si tienes algunas preguntas, por favor comunícanos a

Flux Factory